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This tool is a template driven code generator, intended to be used to generate your CRUD or data access layer. It is very simple to use. SQLCODEGEN is also extensible through the plug-in interfaces.

Sample templates and sample extension projects included.


While code generation may not be appropriate for all parts of software development, it is suitable for generating repetitive and mundane code, like CRUD (create, retrieve, update, delete) functionality. SQLCODEGEN is a tool for doing exactly that.

I know there's other tools out there that do this as well, as well as others who've made their own code generation tools. But I like writing my own tools. And, I did not want to spend a significant amount of money or time learning commercially available code generation software.

So I came up with SQLCODEGEN.EXE to generate C# data access code.

SQLCODEGEN works with MS-SQL. A separate download includes support for building CRUD classes for Effiproz DB. Source Code included. The documentation, as well as examples, demonstrate how you can easily extend the tool for supporting other databases.

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